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  • Let's enjoy Japanese culture

  • The spirit of traditional Japanese culture has been arrive for generations.

    “Marukameya”was founded as Kimono dyer in 1980. “Hanagosho”was created to show people the beauty of Kimonos. Now, here they are in“kyoumachiya Kiotto”so that anyone can experience Japanese culture. We provide the traditional Japanese techniques and the chance to experience it for yourself.

  • We want to show you our passion for Japanese music.

    The old days of Japan are being forgotten but now it has become possible to enjoy the music that people loved in those days. Please enjoy authentic sounds and harmony in Kyomachiya. Our soul for Japanese music is called “shijouhan no gei”(play in small room without sound equipment ) and has motivated us to establish Kyomachiya Kiotto.

  • The first step toward understanding Japanese culture.

    We provide a variety of experience classes in the hopes that everyone can enjoy Japanese culture. We hope that many people will come to experience our Japanese culture regardless of where they are from. Kyomachiya Kiotto is your first step towards familiarity with Japanese culture.

  • Kiotto is your home away from home.

    Kyomachi Kiotto was made from our thoughts that having a homey space will inspire the feeling“Let’s visit here again!”(It’s pronounced Kiotto in Japanese.)and “Let’s wear a kimono! ”(It’s pronounced Kiotto in Japanese.)It is a play on words that encompasses lots of our wishes for people who visit Kyoto.

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    観光地めぐりのひと息に 町家で和体験しませんか?



    Feel free to contact us!

    New! 先生の紹介動画できました!

     Let’s ask Shogoさんにご来店いただいた時の動画です⇒こちら

Kiotto’s cultural class

The fun of playing music, The fun of listening to it.

  • Koto experience

The best way to appreciate Japanese musical instruments is through playing them yourself. A licensed teacher will teach you how and you’ll be given a certificate of completion at the end of the course. You can enjoy both playing Koto and listening to it.

90mins ① 10:00~ ② 14:00~
[FEE ] 
6000yen/1~2people, 5000yen/3~7people

The fun of drawing, The fun of creating

  • Painting experience

You can create your very own original work, making it the only one in the world. You can draw freehand, trace a picture, whichever you prefer.
Drawing a sketch and tracing, you can do it as you like!

60mins ① 10:00~ ② 14:00~
[FEE ]  
・Paint on a Tenugui(Japanese handkerchief):2000~2500yen
・T-shirt and others:5000~7000yen

The fun of wearing, The fun of getting know

  • Kimono wearing

Would you like to learn how to wear a Kimono all by yourself?
You can choose from a Yukata or a Kimono. To dress in Kimono is kind of difficult so a teacher will be there to help you. We can also help you into the Kimono. Have your photo taken wearing you Kimono, this will make a wonderful souvenir.

[FEE ] 
3000yen/1 person, 2500yen/2~4people

Enjoy the harmony of Japanese sounds.

  • Concert with our professional artists.

You’ll be able to enjoy a live performance of Japanese musical instruments.
The harmony of Koto, Shamisen, Kokyu…
It used to be very popular among Japanese people.
Would you like to feel joy of the traditional Japanese music that Japanese people have loved for years?

[FEE ] 

Chill out with tea


Kiotto’s Japanese goods

Tenugui(Japanese hand towel),T-shirt, Kimono belt, Kimono, and etc.
Looks nostalgic but with a new feel, we have lots of original goods and special souvenirs.

Check specific information here