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    • Painting experience
    • Kimono wearing
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The flow of our experience classes

Kimono wearing

Choose a Kimono and Obi(belt for a Kimono) to wear.
The essential things for a Kimono. Explanation of how to wear a Kimono.
Let’s wear Kimono!
Enjoy having your photo taken in your Kimono.
*You can’t go out for a long time but we lend Geta(shoes for Kimono) for free so please ask us if you want to go out and take photos.


  • Chill out with tea

    Would you like a cup of tea
    with a nice Japanese garden view in Kyomachiya.
    It makes you forget the hustle
    and bustle of the city
    and will make for a relaxing time.

    Tea and Japanese sweets(500yen~)

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