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Frequently Asked Questions


General Question
Q. Is it possible to attend the class without a reservation?
A. We basically ask every customer to make a reservation the day before their visit.
We always try to make room for you other than online form so please call us if it’s in the near future. Thank you.
Q. I can see there are several classes, but can I try more than one of them at the same time?
A. Yes, for sure. For example, you can take the Koto class wearing Kimono that you dressed in during Kimono class. Like this, please try classes as you like.
※ Only Painting experience you can’t attend while wearing your Kimono.
Q. Can foreigners try the lessons?
A. Yes. We can speak basic English. We’ve started this shop for people from other countries to enjoy traditional Japanese culture. So we wish that every customer would enjoy our class no matter where they come from.
Q. Is it possible to try the lessons just myself?
A. Yes, you can try every lesson in a party of one but excuse us about that the FEE would be a little expensive.
Questions about Koto
Q. I would like to try the Koto lesson with my husband and daughter. From what age can people attend lessons?
A. Men and children can join the classes. We generally advise children over 10years old can understand and enjoy the lesson, please contact us if you wish to book with your children.
Q. It is painful for me to sit straight, can I sit another way?
A. A We prepare a chair for Koto so please don’t worry about it.
Questions about painting experience
Q. Can I bring my work home?
A. Yes, you can bring your work home the same day.
Q. I want to try it with my son. From what age can try it?
A. Children of any age can participate. It would be fun to draw scribble art, and this would make a wonderful souvenir. The dye used could stain clothes so please dress accordingly.
Questions about Kimono
Q. Do I need to prepare for a Kimono lesson?
A. We prepare everything needed for the Kimono, so don’t worry about it. It would be great if you come wearing a shirt that has a wide neck line.
Q. I’m thinking about try a Kimono lesson with my family. Is there any Men’s and kid’s kimonos?
A. I’m afraid we only prepare kimonos for adults(Men’s/Women’s) at the moment.
Q. Can I go out wearing Kimono?
A. We offer Geta(Japanese shoes for Kimono)for free so you can walk around the store and take photos but we kindly ask you to refrain from going out for a long time and eating/drinking wearing the Kimono.